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bunnyzombie's Journal

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This journal is concerned with my coming out and my sexuality. I recently came out in my regular journal, so I haven't been posting here much anymore. I'm sure I'll keep the journal until I can determine what to do with it. :)

I've been dubbing myself bisexual, though, in all honesty, I lean toward women. This realization has been a long, difficult, and interesting one for me and I plan to keep up the exploration. I got my heart broken in May by the first woman I saw more than once (a huge long 3 week relationship!). It was painful, wonderful, and humbling. At that time, I also met another amazing woman who I am dating now. I have no clue where this is going, but she's wonderful, understanding, accepting, caring....etc. :)

I'm out to most of my friends and my parents. We'll see when the rest of the world finds out. :)